The overall objectives of the ΒΕ/ΟPT-XFEL Network are:

  1. To contribute to national policy development in the context of building up the European Research Area by preparing a feasibility study which
    1. will document all research groups interested in using the European X-FEL as well as potential user groups (e.g. from the industrial sector), and
    2. will estimate costs vs. benefits resulting from a Greek participation in the X-FEL project
  2. To mobilize and stimulate the Greek community of potential X-FEL users and
  3. To coordinate and support at national level preparatory activities which will optimise the use of the developing European X-FEL by the Greek researchers.

Research at the European X-FEL covers a broad range of natural sciences. User meetings and a major workshop will be organized to provide potential Greek users with an adequate knowledge about the emerging possibilities and underlying requirements at the European X-FEL. Furthermore, ΒΕ/ΟPT-XFEL aims to catalyse at national level new research and technology activities of potentially pan-European interest in those disciplines where X-FEL is expected to develop its impact. These include materials physics, nanoscience, chemistry and structural biology. Potential applications of these fields range from the development of novel nanomaterials to a better understanding of pathogenicity mechanisms, leading to cure of diseases.