Prof. M. Kokkinidis is the coordinator of BE/OPT-XFEL. M. K. holds a dual appointment as Professor of Structural Biology at the Department of Biology, University of Crete, Greece and as Group Leader at FORTH/IMBB. He has coordinated in the past a large number of EU-funded consortia and national projects. His research interests are in macromolecular structural biology. His recent studies of non-crystallizable proteins or microcrystals have strongly stimulated his interest in X-FEL as a promising, alternative tool for structural biology.

Research Interests:Protein crystallography (development of methods); protein folding; protein-nucleic acids interactions; protein engineering; proteins of biomedical / agricultural interest; biocomputing. M. K. has published over 100 research papers in areas related to the folding and assembly of biomolecules. M. K. has served as EU-representative at the HFSPO, the ESF, the EU-China Committee for Protein Engineering and as a Chairman of the Executive Board of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute.